MTWD General Manager Engr. Miller C. Tanguilan, CESE and the Members of the Board of Directors led the inauguration of the newly commissioned Calamagui 1A Pump Station located at Calamagui, Solana, Cagayan. 

The drilling of Calamagui 1A PS started on November 12, 2019. GM Tanguilan hastened the construction of the said project to augment the water supply at Solana Water System. This production well was completed on February 28, 2020 and has become fully operational on November 17, 2022.

At present, MTWD has already three (3) production wells at Solana, Cagayan catering the water demand s in the Barangays of Basi East, Basi West, Andarayan North, Andarayan South, Natappian East, Natappian West, Calamagui, Centro Northeast, Centro Northwest, Centro Southeast, Centro Southwest, Nangalisan, Maddarulug and Lingu, Solana Cagayan.

With this additional water source, MTWD sustains continual improvement in different places within its service area.