Tuguegarao City is served by a water system originally built in 1924 by the Bureau of Public Works (BPW).The original system included three (3) spring sources and a ground reservoir. Other sources developed were two infiltration wells in 1953 and in 1962 and a deep well in 1964. However, after several years, these well sources were put out of service when their pumping facilities broke down. The management and operation of the system was transferred from BPW to the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) on November 17, 1957 and was subsequently turned over to the provincial government of Cagayan in February 1963 and then to the municipal government of Tuguegarao  in July 1973, respectively.

In a move to provide sufficient and safe water to the entire municipality, the Municipal Council enacted Municipal Resolution No. 46 on April 6, 1977 during the term of the then Mayor Florentino M. Fermin with the aim of enabling the establishment of the Tuguegarao Water District (TWD). Henceforth, on August 1, 1978 TWD acquired the ownership, management and operation of water system from the municipal government in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 198 (PD 198) otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973.

On October 4, 1978 LWUA awarded the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 65 to TWD after duly complying with the minimum requirements of the certification program of LWUA. The CCC entitles TWD to the rights and privileges of a Water District granted under PD No. 198 as amended.

From 1978-1980 the first office of TWD was located at the Municipal Hall of Tuguegarao along Mabini Street. In 1980, TWD office was transferred at the 2nd floor of the then Tuguegarao Public Market along Bonifacio Street until 2008. On August 8, 2008 upon the completion of its four (4) storey building, MTWD transferred to its new and current address located at Main Avenue, San Gabriel, Tuguegarao City.

MTWD has gone a long way since its formation. It has not only limited its services in the City of Tuguegarao, but to nearby municipalities as well.  It absorbed the then Solana Water District in August 2002 and Piat Water System in December 2003, respectively, which gave birth to its new name Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District.

MTWD takes pride in its capability of financing its continuing expansion and improvement programs with its internally generated funds.  This is effected by its efficient collection of revenues and fiscal management.  With a 24-hour water service, more water is consumed, more connections are made, and so more revenues are realized.

With this privilege, MTWD at present continually improves its corporate practices and demonstrates regional leadership by integrating its core values throughout the organization’s culture and operations. These organizational efficiencies are driven by the Management, Staff and dynamic Board of Directors to expand its borders of service and in the pursuit of excellence.

MTWD owes its existence to the people it serves.  With its Board of Directors, Management, and Staff who are dedicated to serve the best interest of the public, MTWD will continue to be a potent force in the growth and development of the City of Tuguegarao, and its neighbouring municipalities.