The logo of the Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District (MTWD) is not merely an image to identify the organization from other entities. It is also an ensign of responsibility that the government has granted to the organization and a hallmark of trust from its supportive stakeholders.

  • MTWD LOGO 2018 The Industrial logo
    2018 – Present
    This logo represents the MTWD’s role in the booming economic development of Tuguegrao City and the neighboring municipalities that it serves while ensuring the sustainability of its water resources. It further captures resiliency and environmental friendliness. This logo was made and launched in time for the District’s 40th Founding Anniversary.
  • MTWD LOGO 2013 The Environmental logo
    2013 – 2018
    This seal emphasized the advocacy of the Water District in environmental conservation and preservation. Also, the letter “m” was incorporated to the original seal “twd” to capture the essence and meaning of Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District.
  • MTWD LOGO 2008 The Enhanced logo
    2008 – 2013
    From the previous logo with the established blue-red-white color combinations, the District decided to adopt the positioning of colors in the Philippine Flag, with blue-lining in the upper part and red-lining in the lower. The TWD seal was also made darker to emphasize the nature of service of Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District as a water service provider.
  • MTWD LOGO 2002 The Integration logo
    2002 – 2008
    The logo was remarkably simple and projects an identity as the Solana Water District and Piat Water District were annexed with the Tuguegarao Water District on August 23, 2002. With these expansions of service area, the system became Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District (MTWD).
  • MTWD LOGO 1978 The Historical logo
    1978 – 2002
    This was the first logo of the MTWD, then the Tuguegarao Water District(TWD). It is an emblem of hard work and courage borne by the persons who assumed the water system when it acquired ownership and management from the municipal government of Tuguegarao.