In its continuing efforts to sustain the Quality Management System in its operations, the MTWD still maintains its status as ISO certified Water District and remains to be a leading water service provider in the Region. 

True to its commitment in the realization and implementation of its quality objectives, the District through its internal quality audit team conducted an internal audit in all areas on May 17-18, 2022, followed by Management Review on June 24, 2022. These organizational mechanisms ensure conformity and compliance to the recommendations from the previous audit in all its processes while ensuring satisfaction in the delivery of its services to the customers-concessionaires.

On August 10-13, 2022, the first surveillance audit for second certification was conducted. Consistency and sustainability in its operations and processes are the objectives of the audit. The three-day external surveillance audit commenced with an open conference participated by MTWD ISO Core Team and Management together with the esteemed Auditor of SOCOTEC. Audit interviews with the process owners, field audit and walkthroughs were conducted particularly the District’s frontline services such as water production and distribution including the water laboratory, meter installation and project implementation.

During the exit conference, the Auditor discussed the salient observations and recommendations based from the audited processes of the District including the relevant clauses of the ISO Standards.  These observations are the continuing guidepost of the District in order to continually sustain the delivery of efficient and effective services by coming up with a comprehensive action plan and relevant mechanisms to satisfy the requirements of these standards.

Interestingly, based from the audit evidence obtained and after its appreciation relative to the compliance of the District to ISO Standards, the Auditor pronounced the recertification of MTWD. With the continuing status of MTWD as an ISO Certified agency for five years, the District commits to continually implement project and program development that will better address water demands of its customers-concessionaires within its area of coverage.

The Management and the ISO core Team during the recently conducted ISO external Surveillance Audit dated August 10-12, 2022.